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Though I’m certain there are individuals and collectives out there who advocate for the infamous slug in the cycle of life, I am not one of them. Slugs are terrestrial gastropods, members of the class Gastrpoda, from the class of Mollusks in the phylum Mollusca.

That said, all you need to know about slugs is that they are slimy, shell-less, nocturnal beasts.  These night feeding creatures devour both the roots and aerial portions of plants with their rasp like radula (tongue thing) which is covered with an average 2,500 teeth-like protrusions, with some species boasting up to as many as 27,000.

To keep things in perspective:
The average shark has 2-3 rows of usually 30 teeth per row. That’s roughly 60 to 90 teeth total. Think it through. If sharks were hermaphroditic herbivores, slunk around on a single muscular foot under cloak of darkness, and lived in your garden, they would do far less damage than slugs. Amazing! It’s no wonder that gardeners and farmers around the globe have spent countless hours trying to rid themselves of these beasts.

Killing slugs can be grissly work.  You can put beer into containers (What I call beering-the-slugs) and every morning hope that the slugs chose to drink before they ate.  Or you can use iron phosphate pellets to wipe them out.  

Killing slugs with iron phosphate pellets works.  Beering-the-slugs also works, but NOT AS WELL!

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