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Goin' Lupi, LLC wishes for nothing less than to populate the world with Lupi Pepper People herein defined as tree-hugging, barbecuing, compost-making, urban-farming, knee-slapping, companion-planting, bug-loving, future-thinking, pepper-growing, rain-collecting, high-five-giving, really cool people that want everyone else to want to be a little Lupi too.

We aim to provide consumers with products that are connected in some substantial way to urban, peri-urban, organic, and/or natural farming practices.  We intend to use our merchandise and The Pepper Pack character product line in the ongoing effort to raise public awareness of responsible use of land and sustainable agricultural practices.

From spice mixes to goofy neck-ties; baseball caps to fine art; Goin' Lupi, LLC is committed to making the world a better place, one pepper at a time.


"I'm seriously considering growing up, just after I figure out how to be normal." - Tina Lupiezowiec

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