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Check list... check!

Praying Mantis ootheca (egg mass).  This particular one contains between 50 to 200 eggs.

Spring is time of taking care of business.

  1. Create art for art's sake all over the place, both for myself and others.  Be whimsical!  (see pic below)
  2. Clean coop - ponder what goes through their wee brains at any given moment.  
  3. Corn gluten the yard.  
  4. Sluggo the property and the perimeter of the property to kill slugs.  Sluggo works, the other stuff I've gotten - didn't.  
  5. Get beneficial nematodes to kill all the Japanese beetle large that is eating my one lush grass.
  6. Get praying mantis egg masses called ootheca.  Hang eggs.  Worry over eggs.  Experience heebie-jeebies constantly.
  7. Smother with cardboard and straw countless what feels like miles of creeping charlie, clover, violets and a lil' grass.
  8. Try to locate the dog poop in the straw - daily.  
  9. Have workshops.  Make new friends.  Love my job!
  10. Clean out the rotten food from the city compost bin that was in the greenhouse rotting all winter.  Too much nitrogen, not enough brown stuff.
  11. Build the compost pile using loving chopped and bagged leaves, coop crap and vomitously rotting food.  Nearly puke and plan never to have a compost in the greenhouse again.  
  12. Put the gladiolus in the ground.  Per usual I forget if it is gladiolus, gladioli, gladiolas!  So, I will just say glads. (see pic below)
  13. Put the dahlias in the ground... D'Oh!  molded over the winter... we'll just see how that goes. (TO DO!)
  14. Ready the beds, weed the beds, smoosh Japanese beetle larva.  Frown and curse.
  15. Put seeds in the ground - everywhere!  Await the beauty.
  16. Clean out he breezeway.  Find mice nests.  Frown and curse.
  17. Pressure wash the monster rain barrels. (TO DO)
  18. Spray paint with monster rain barrels dark green so the light won't get in and algae won't grow.  Use special spray for plastic as the tarps didn't work and look ugly.  Rain must stop for this to occur. (TO DO)
  19. Put values back on the rain barrels so that I can collect the rain.  (TO DO)
  20. Write blog.  
  21. Be happy.  Most of this list is done.  Of course, there are the spring projects.... but let's not think about those.

Art for art's sake:  

Whimsy!  This goofy face cost me 60 cents at Saint Vincent DePauls

Whimsy for the sake of the kids.  60 cents from Saint Vincent DePauls

Rather than using chicken wire in my barrels, I decided to use twigs and branches to keep the stinkin' squirrels from eating my gladiolus corms. Within this barrel you'll find an annual mum, two rosemary plants and a pansy.  In the center, 3 glads which already have their supports in place.  

Branches and twigs to thwart the annual efforts of squirrels.  The glads are safe and their supports are already in place.

Keepin' it Lupi,
Tina Lupiezowiec
Owner & Eccentric Urban Farmer
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