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Branches & Twigs: Beauty & Function

Do other people see what I see in a pile of discarded branches and twigs?  The possibilities of maximizing their beauty and function are only limited by my creativity, confidence and time. 

In today's cool spring rain, I scored these branches from a tangled pile on the curb.   I'll be supporting plants, building fences and yes, creating yet more Art for Art's Sake.

When they are on the curb in a pile, their beauty is hidden.  Look past the pile.

Like stones, branches reveal the depth of their beauty when wet.

Like stones, branches reveal the depth of their beauty when wet.

I cut these larger branches a week back with the intention of using them to aid in corralling my tomatoes and tomatillos. 

Branches cut to be used for supporting larger plants and plants that sprawl.

I cut these shorter branches for supporting my pepper plants. 

Snip snap cut.  Free plant supports that are not only functional, but also add color to your gardens.

I had this block.  I had the twigs.  I had a very bland wall of siding.  Now I have art for art's sake. 

My first attempt at art for art's sake.  It's a work in progress.  You'll note the red twigs add  a bit of color to the bland siding.

Meanwhile, The Husband took this lovely photo of what I believe at a glance to be my new hyacinths.  Drop dead gorgeous.

The blues and purples are sublime!

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