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Touché, I say. Frogs are green.

Recently I shared a post on Facebook about a moving box business called»

My Curry in the Box was in a plastic bowl.

chile, chili, chilli, chilly, Chile

Urban farming can bust you up!

Urban farming can bust you up.  So can having kids.  That said, I'm fallin' apart here.

The Master of the Compost

Yesterday I received a very large and cushy envelope in the mail.

Sucking my thumb and bemoaning cruel fate.

I am grieving.  Knowing that my precious plants will soon die and that my favorite activity in the world will be put on hold for months has cast a bleak and dreary cloud over my day.

Celebrate with Goin' Lupi ~ Wisconsin Style!

Goin' Lupi has organized a fun-filled night of getting lost in a Corn Maze, under cloak of darkness, at the local favorite and extremely cool »

Those splittin' little devils.

Do you see the face in the hab?

I got hosed by a shyster-meister at market in front of my mom.

Learning the hard way, sucks eggs!

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