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Goin' Lupi is all about having fun, learning stuff, changing and surviving ourselves, nincompoopery and boobery.  Let your hair down or scratch your bald melon and allow yourself to be goinlupi.  It's as easy as participating in the discussions and attending the occasional event or class.  You'll be snappier for it.  Trust me.
~ Farmer Tina "Lupi"

Savor Serranos  Enjoy Jalapenos

Goin' Lupi's Grand Moments!  

On August 31, 2013 Farmer Tina will be presenting at the Mid-American Homesteading Conference in Joliet Illinois!

August 31, 2013:  Mid-American Homesteading Conference .  Learn all sort of gardening, farming, and homesteading tips and tricks and have fun doing it! 

Tina's 1st Nature's Pathways Article is in print!  SEEDS OF CHANGE: FROM GUILT TO GROW 

March 1, 2012  The day the March Issue of Nature's Pathways publication arrived in the mail and within its pages, amid organic this and Reiki that, herbal applications and massage encounters, my first published article in many, many years lived!  Lives!  Yes.  I'm NOT quite over it on account of writing the article was physically painful. The challenge with writing for Nature's Pathways is that everyone HAS TO write in the third person.  If you already know me, then you know how challenging that is for me.  If you DON'T yet know me, well, you'll understand soon enough.  FYI:  And that is not a photo of me above the article!  My photo is in my biography.

Tina took to the airwaves on Forward with Kurt Baron!

Talk Radio Host Kurt Baron of WTDY 106.7FM:   Local Business Spotlight on Goin' Lupi, LLC,  
On Friday, January 20, 2012 Tina Lupiezowiec stepped into an impromptu, off-the-cuff, completely unrehearsed or prepared for interview that rocked both her and her charming host's world.  Enthusiasm levels were at all time highs, as were levels of perspiration, studio walls heaved and sighed with every topic change, heads nodded in agreement over the airwaves and for the tiniest moment - the world stood still and all things Goin' Lupi wept for JOY.  Or something sort-of like that.  

Goin' Lupi - Sustainable Veggies for the Common Man 
"Tina Lupiezowiec is the founder of Goin' Lupi, a one-person veggie business right here in Madison. She grows peppers, herbs and all kinds of other crazy products to spice up your diet! She turned out to be one of the best interviews I've ever done, as we delved into the philosophy behind sustainable agriculture, as well as some of the cultural barriers that keep normal folk from looking into some of the hippie-dippie food sources around town.

Tina drives an SUV, but she also happens to value quality veggies." ~ Kurt Baron,  January 21, 2012


Goin' Lupi was an Edible Madison LOCAL FOOD HERO Award Finalist 

Thanks to folks like you who support all the wackiness and sustainability-ness of goinlupi, Goin' Lupi was a proud finalist in Edible Madison's 1st Annual Local Heroes Awards!   YEP.  I didn't win, but the honor of recognition was reward in itself.   

Goin' Lupi got some INK

Goin' Lupi:  Urban farming in Madison Julie Henning, Herald-Independent Correspondent



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